Welcome to our medical practice

Dr. Kirsten Reichardt, MD

General Practitioner
Family Doctor

 Dr. Kurt Hubalek


We are a joint practice in the heart of the beautiful
city of Schwetzingen – true to the motto

„Mens sana in corpore sano“
– a sound mind in a healthy body –
Together with our staff we would like to welcome you to our website.
Here you will find information about
ourpractice, our team, and our medical activities. 

Range of services – Dr. Reichardt, GP

Evaluation of the past medical history
Vaccination status review
Blood investigation
Physical examination
Pulmonary function test
Urine investigation
Testing of Stool samples
24-hour blood pressure measurement
Lifestyle advice

Travel medicine
Medical checkup for scuba-diving
General advice about your travel destination

Dr. Reichardt – GP – Family Doctor
Dr. Hubalek – Psychotherapist

Heckerstr. 2a
68723 Schwetzingen
Phone: 06202 3666